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2018/04/14 19:00:00

2nd Annual METAribbon Challenge

Help us raise $250,000 for research!

The challenge will run from October, 2017 through April 7th, 2018. We will be awarding prizes based on tiers reached. We are in the process of getting prizes together for each of the tiers. The top 3 earners will win a spectacular prize (1 prize per person and to be announced as they come in):


​Prize 1: 2 night stay at the Ritz Carolton in Sarasota Florida. Includes airfare for 2.

​Prize 2: Week stay at the French Ridge Condominiums in Breckenridge, CO. Includes airefare for 2.

Here are the tiers you can challenge yourself to reach! The first-year challengers have set the bar high and the top earners were awarded a tier named in their honor.

  • Tier Rose Ribbon–$500
  • Tier Lime Ribbon–$1,500
  • Tier Teal Ribbon–$2,500
  • Tier Lianne Kraemer–$5,000
  • Tier Beth Guendjoian–$7,500
  • Tier Tsiliana Jolson –$10,000
  • Tier Becky Dickson–$12,500
  • Tier Cheryl Smith–$15,000
  • Tier Metaribbon–$20,000

Rules: You are raising money for your own page. You can do fundraisers, e-mail, post to Facebook, phone, text or write letters. Reach out to anyone who might help (direct communication is the best). It is best if they donate directly to the page, but if they must write a check, it needs to be made to Metavivor. Awards are non-transferable. Corporate sponsorships, sponsorships, donations in kind, ticket sales, or donated items for a local Metsquerade do not count toward the total raised. Fundraisers in place prior to the Metaribbon Challenge can not be transfered to the challenge.

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