6th Annual NWA Metsquerade: October 2, 2021


The NWA Metsquerade is a fundraiser for Metavivor, a non-profit organization that uses 100% of donations for metastatic breast cancer research.

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We will continue to raise funds to support metastatic breast cancer research. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Total raised since 2016...

The NWA Metsquerade has raised over $1.3 million since 2016 including monies raised from the annual NWA NWA Metsquerade, Annual Runway IV Reseach, National Metaribbon Challenge, and various other fundraisers.  The team has helped fund the following grants:

Northwest Arkansas Metsquerade Presented In Memory of Erin Leland – Traci Lyons, PhD, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus – “Targeting therapeutic vulnerabilities of endocrine therapy resistant ER+ metastatic breast cancer” 2020

Northwest Arkansas Metsquerade Presented In Memory of Angie Powell – Colt Egelston, PhD, City of Hope – “Bispecific monoclonal antibodies for treatment of advanced breast cancer” 2019

Northwest Arkansas Metsquerade Presented In Memory of Wendy Taylor – Stuart Martin, PhD, University of Maryland School of Medicine – “Reducing the risk of chemotherapy-induced scattering of metastatic triple-negative breast tumors” 2019

Northwest Arkansas Metsquerade Presented In Memory of Valerie Wright – Danny Welch, PhD, University of Kansas Medical Center University of Kansas Cancer Center – “New inhibitors of breast cancer metastasis” 2019

METAribbon Challengers Present – Madeline Oudin, BSc, MSc, PhD, Tufts University – “Investigating how obesity-driven changes in the tumor microenvironment promote metastatic outgrowth and chemoresistance in metastatic TNBC” 2019

The METAribbon Challengers present Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, PhD, Professor, Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology, Otolaryngology, Oncological Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine “Targeting Intrinsic And Immune Mechanisms In Persistent Dormant Cancer Cells In Stage IV Breast Cancer” 2018
The Davis-Quinn Northwest Arkansas Metsquerade presents Brad St Croix, PhD, Senior Associate Scientist, National Cancer Institute “Improving Immunotherapies for Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer” 2018
The Quinn-Davis Northwest Arkansas Metsquerade presents Dr. Cheryl Jorcyk, Director of Clinical/Translational Research, Boise State University: “High impact therapeutic for the elimination of breast cancer metastasis to bone” 2017
The Parker-Quinn NWA Metsquerade award for donating over $100,000 to research. 2016

Faces of Metastatic Breast Cancer


Thirty percent of women and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 (metastatic) breast cancer and die. Yet of all the money dedicated to breast cancer research, only 2-5% is earmarked specifically for metastatic research. METAvivor’s goal is to have cancer organizations devote 30% of their research budget to research that will help the 30% of women and men whose cancer metastasizes.

The surest way to save the lives of patients already diagnosed with breast cancer is to find a way to make MBC survivable.




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