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2017 METAribbon Challenge

The NWA Metsquerade METAribbon Challenge is a way for women and men throughout the country to raise funds for metastatic breast cancer treatment research.  There is not one individual or organization that can claim to do everything in the search for better treatment options, which is why it will take a collaborative effort from as many people and organizations as possible.  The NWA Metsquerade hopes to grow the challenge to include as many participants as necessary to raise enough funds to help make metastatic breast cancer a manageable chronic illness instead of a terminal one.

Challengers are set up with their own fundraising page through Metavivor, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, that uses 100% of donations for metastatic breast cancer research treatments. Challengers are given the freedom to fundraise however they feel comfortable. The NWA Metsquerade has seen challengers do Facebook posts, e-mail, phone, or message friends and family, and even do smaller fundraisers.  One challenger took it to the next level and did an interview with a television station to get the word out about her goal to raise $5,000.

If you wish to participate in the challenge, e-mail and ask about the METAribbon Challenge.

The following challengers have reached the following tiers.  If you wish read about any of the challengers or to donate to any of their campaigns, click on the link next to their name.

The 2017 METAribbon challenge raised over $105,000!

Tier Rose ($500-$1,499):

Linda Kavka
Racheal Mckillip
Teresa Teaford
Lisa Badiner
Gina Henderliter
Avery Harrison
Cheryl Harmon-Miller
Pat Wooldridge—In Memory
Tracey Clark

Tier Lime ($1,500-$2,499):

Erin Grant
Jennifer Pace
Colleen Hofmeister

Tier Teal ($2,500-$4,999):

Laura Williams
April Hines
Veronica Velazquez
Kelly Shanahan
Lynn Bartnicki
Regina Cooley
Lori Stillwell

Tier METAribbon ($5,000+):

Beth Guendjoian
Tsiliana Greenfeld
Cheryl Smith
Becky Dickson
Patty New
Barbara Bigelow
Lianne Kraemer

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